Gone to a place that is unknown to many...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Few things we did in Alaska

HIKING ON THE WORTHINGTON GLACIER, JULY 11: It was such an unique experience of hiking on the glacier! If you decide to go to Alaska, you should make glacier hiking one of your things-to-do list!

FLIGHTSEEING AROUND MT. MCKINLEY, JULY 8: I think I will let pictures shown below speak for themselves.

That is all I am going to post on this blog. Be glad you don't have to wait until next month before finally seeing these pictures. Gotta do this for friends that had me into their minds during my whole trip!

Me in Homer Spit

By the way, Clement, yes, you can blog from your own sidekick. Go comment and say, "I understand now!" Be a good doggie!